Lilla Frö standard
Ariterm pellet stove Lilla Frö, heating the whole house! With an Ariterm pellet stove in the house it is always warm and cosy when you come home! A pellet stove is above all installed for heating, the fireside comfort is an extra plus. A wood stove is mostly for the cosy atmosphere but gives also some short-term heating.

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  • 25 450 kr

    Our new model Lilla Frö is despite small weight and dimensions a really gown-up stove with large hopper, which gives long burning times and with the same high heating efficiency as other Ariterm stoves The neat design and small footprint make Lilla Frö suitable for most home environments. The top and the sides are satin black and the front is of stainless...

    25 450 kr
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item