If you are looking for pellet burners and pellets, then you have come to the right place, directly from the Mr Pellets webshop - directly online. Pay via card Visa - Mastercard Bank transfer or via PayPal online. Pellets and pellet burners that we sell are of the highest quality and are made in Sweden. the pellets are available both in sacks and in bulk so-called bulk pellets. Pellet burners are manufactured in Sweden, Janfire comes from Åmål, Ariterm beQuem and PX21 and PX22 come from Kalmar, all of the highest quality, with good support and guarantees.



  • Ariterm beQuem

    Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 20D, 20 kW

    Ariterm BeQuem 20D meets the highest requirements for a comfortable and efficient pellet fire!

    BeQuem 20D is one of the most reliable products the market can offer. A fundamentally robust construction where vital parts are made of heat-resistant cast iron is a guarantee for the best lifespan and minimal maintenance costs.

    A unique overpressure system reduces sensitivity to external influences and ensures operation even under unfavorable conditions.

  • Janfire pelletburner

    The Janfire pellet burner is the market's oldest pellet burner, and has been on the Swedish market since 1983. The Janfire pellet burner has long been proven to be highly reliable and reliable. Janfire has always been far ahead in its product development in its pellet burners. Janfire has pellet burners in various sizes and the most common of them is the janfire Flex-a with a maximum of 23 kW. Today, the pellet burner has an output of 18 kW and is more than enough to replace the heating in smaller apartment buildings. Janfire's latest pellet burner is called NH-Mody and stands for No Hands with modulating combustion.

  • Pelletburne PX22

    Pellet burners PX22

    Pellet burner earlier from KMP from Kalmar, Nodays from Janfire in Åmål. PX22, the latest model. The burner is made of stainless, acid-resistant and high temperature resistant steel. Materials that last. Complete package of fallout hose and Connection piece. Language: German, Swedish, English, French.

  • Pelletburner PB25

    KMP PB25

    Stand-alone pellet burner PB25 is a Swedish-made pellet burner with roots in the first commercial forward-burning tube burner that saw the light of day back in 1996. The basic concept itself is the same, but the technology has developed significantly since then. The burner is CE marked and meets all requirements of the European pellet burner standard EN 15270.

  • PellX (GORDIC)

    PellX (GORDIC) Pellet burner 20 kW or 35 kW

    Swedish-made pellet burner from Vittsjö.

    Available in a standard version or with automatic raking .

    PellX 20kW and 35 kW is an efficient and robust pellet burner for residential boilers.

    The compact design with few moving parts ensures a long service life and minimal maintenance.
    Forward burning flame makes the burner easy to install in most boilers and also provides the best combustion.

  • Iwabo

    Pellet burner from Metro Therm With a modern biofuel boiler from Metro Therm, you have a climate-neutral heating solution, with renewable energy from the forest. Our further developed boilers have a very high efficiency and exceed today's high environmental requirements, which provide a cleaner and more efficient combustion almost completely without smoke or smell. Together with our accumulator tanks, we can offer a complete solution for the entire household's heating and hot water needs.

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