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We at Mr Pellets! We care for the environment and your pennies! We have pellet pellet burners, pellet boiler, pellet stove and a bunch of spare parts, accessories

All Mr. Pellet customers who have or want! Mr. Pellet accounts read below!

At checkout pellet marks you approach you want at Mr. Pellet. New customers who want to open pellet account! Simply choose your payment method.

Lower prices for pellets, briquettes, pellet stove & pelletspanna.
I think I had prepared for shipping the products?? Tell otherwise!

At last account modules ready!

Mr. Pellet account customers! The modules are ready and available when you get to the cashier. You can choose from 90 days grace time, up to 36 months interest free.

With Mr. Pellet-account you can choose to pay in installments, 90 days grace time, partial payment of 6 months. interest-free, 12 months interest free, 24 months interest free and the 36 months interest free.

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