Hello! The site can be a bit crazy because we're building New/About it! With the latest.

NOTE: We don't have the showroom anymore! But only warehouses with direct delivery and via the Internet.

Customers outside Sweden must select the payment method EURO, at the top of the page. Orders made with delivery outside Sweden's borders are otherwise deleted.

Call +46 (0)70-5701674.

Feel free to contact me with feedback if something doesn't work)Thanks in advance. 24 years in the industry.

What we do = installations, service, customer support, selling via the internet within and exporting outside Sweden.

Brand new site! NOTE: All old customers will need to re-register.

Our facebook is deleted for some reason We had over 600 followers, it's all gone) ( Don't want to work with Facebook :-)Maybe we start again! With a smile. Interest-free purchases with Mr Pellets account! Apply now!

Now over 24 years in the pellet field! We are knowledgeable! We have the experience! Gives our customers peace of mind! Great support even if it's other people's customers :-)! Isn't that great service?

Fancy a pellet stove with a draft?? How KMP Drag is installed >  

Now also film on Draget among other things. See it under pellet stove + draught.

Yours sincerely//Mr. Pellets//Live well.