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Briquettes Logs. Swedish quality briquettes made from shavings and chips, pressed together under high pressure. The starting point is the same as for pellets quote: Fuel pellets are a biofuel in pelletized form that is made from various by-products from the forest and wood processing industry. Production of pellets takes place by drying saw or cutter chips, then grinding them in a mill to obtain a finer fraction. The ground material is then pressed under extremely high pressure (25 tons per square centimeter is not uncommon) and at high temperatures and formed into pellets. The finished product is then cooled down to be stored at the manufacturer before it is finally delivered to the customer. According to a common belief, it is the lignin in the wood that makes the sawdust stick together after compression. Therefore, there is no need to add any foreign substance in the process. The pellets have a low moisture content and a high energy content compared to unprocessed biofuels. This makes them more profitable to transport and easier to use as fuel in, for example, a pellet burner or a stove. The burning of wood pellets does not add any extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide that is released during combustion is the same that was absorbed by the tree during its growth and is therefore included in the natural cycle of carbon quote from WikipediaA

Briquettes-Logs instead of firewood

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