Prices within Sweden!

The prices include VAT of 25% at checkout, on the page all prices are exclusive of VAT, which is then added before payment or invoicing. Upon confirmed order, i.e. when we have processed the order manually, prices can only be changed by circumstances beyond Mr. Pellets' control. For example, significantly changed raw material prices, currency changes or changed VAT. Shipping fee/Invoice fee is added.

Terms of purchase

How can I pay?

We offer at Mr Pellets through Svea-Bank . Swish, card payment, instalments, bank transfer, Klarna, advance payment, payment via internet bank and payment by cash on delivery and invoice or e-invoice.

If you choose to pay by invoice, at the first time of purchase we will make a credit report. The conditions for being allowed to trade against an invoice are that you have not had any payment notes in recent years. If you choose to pay in advance to BankGirot, the item will be sent when we see that the payment is registered on our account. Normally, your payment appears within 2-3 working days. Read more about the different payment options and their conditions under purchase conditions.

Upon purchase!

With the order, the purchase agreement is only included when Mr Pellets AB has confirmed the order to you through a manual order confirmation. An initial order confirmation is automatically generated by Mr Pellet's database without manual review. In the event of any inaccuracies in the first order confirmation such as stated price / incorrect shipping price, e.g. We reserve the right to correct this afterwards. If something changes in your order such as price/shipping cost etc. or delivery time, the customer will be notified of this as soon as possible.

Mr Pellets reserves full title and right of repossess to the products until full payment has been made. To shop with us, you must be 20 years of age or older.

Advance payment to Bankgirot

You complete the order in the system and receive an order number. You enter this together with your name when you deposit money into our BankGiro account. If you choose to pay in advance to BankGiro, you avoid invoicing and cash on delivery fees. We reserve the goods for 5 days pending payment.


If the price list/agreement is changed before delivery, it will be adjusted according to the current price on delivery.

We reserve the right to change prices as a result of large price deviations from our suppliers, typos on the page (It's easy for a number/letter to be wrong) or other errors beyond our control.
Adjusted or marked before that according to the current price at a so-called delivery.
Read more about unforeseen events under Force Majeure below.

Force Majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, authority decisions and comparable events beyond our control
which We could not reasonably have foreseen, and affect concluded agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we cannot keep said agreement/commitment,
shall form the basis for us being released from our obligations to fulfill said agreement.

Cash on delivery

The fee for payment by cash on delivery is SEK 75. In the case of cash on delivery, a simple credit report is carried out. You pay when you pick up the package at your delivery point. If the customer does not meet the conditions, i.e. has a payment note, the payment method advance payment will be offered. Unclaimed packages are charged at least SEK 250 or the actual cost of shipping including cash on delivery fee.

Invoice/E-invoice payment.

The invoice/e-invoice must be paid within either 15 days or 20 days from the delivery date. When paying against an e-invoice, a fee of 35 kroner is added, for a regular paper invoice, a postage fee of 35 kroner is added. Invoice/E-invoice payment is only offered for delivery to the customer's registered address. A reminder fee of SEK 60 is charged on overdue invoices. The case then proceeds to debt collection. When paying an invoice, a credit check is carried out. The inspection results in an inquiry listing with credit institutions.

In order for invoice payment to be approved, the customer must be 20 years old, be free of payment complaints and have an annual income of at least SEK 160,000. This applies to purchase amounts up to SEK 30,000. For invoice purchases over SEK 15,000, the customer's annual income must exceed SEK 200,000.

Pre-booking & Pre-order!

For pre-orders & pre-bookings, a small fee is charged in advance, around 5% of the approximate value of the item. We only have this measure on certain goods because we have limited availability of these goods and that in some cases the demand is greater than the supply, which then gives you as a customer priority at the time of delivery. This fee is then deducted from the purchase price (purchase amount). Should you as a customer, after you have made a pre-booking, wish to cancel your pre-order or if you do not pick up your item within a reasonable time, a fee corresponding to these approx. 5% will be charged, i.e. these burning in administration fee.

Right of withdrawal and Open purchase

According to the Distance Contracts Act, you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days after you have received the item. You do not have to justify why you choose to return the item. When using the Right of Cancellation / Open purchase, the customer pays for the shipping. Right of withdrawal and Open purchase do not apply as goods CANNOT be returned in unassembled, unused and undamaged condition. If you receive an item that is incorrect or shipped incorrectly, we will of course pay the return shipping. Contact us and we will agree on how compensation for the return cost should be paid to you.

As a business customer, you have no right of withdrawal because the Distance Contracts Act only covers contracts between consumers and traders.

Goods must be returned in original packaging and in original condition for full credit. If the product is used more than what is considered sufficient and/or if the product is damaged, we reserve the right to make a reduction in value of up to 100%. The cost of return shipping is always calculated by Mr Pellets AB and paid by the customer. Any damage that occurs during shipping is paid by the customer. The right of return does not apply to the purchase of special products against a quotation.


If you want to complain about a damaged or incorrect product, you must contact us by e-mail or telephone within one week. We have telephone hours between 08.00 - 16.00 on weekdays. Always save the packaging, original box and the payment confirmation. If you are going to send a damaged product back to us, you do it most simply in the packaging and packaging that it was sent out in. Mr Pellets AB complies with the Consumer Purchase Act, which means 36 months right of complaint. The right to complain only covers faults that were in/on the product at the time of delivery. This does not apply in cases where we cannot find any fault with the product or when you have caused the damage yourself. Normal wear and tear or careless handling are not covered.


Refunds are made to your bank account or via a credit on your card payment. The refund normally takes place within 5 working days from when we have received and approved your return.