Pellet stoves without chimneys

We only sell quality stoves. If you install a pellet stove, you get nicer heat at a low cost and you also contribute to a better environment today and in the future. If you have direct heating, you can quickly reduce your heating costs by up to 80% and at the same time make a small contribution to a better environment by installing a pellet stove. There are many arguments why you should heat your house with pellets or alternatively a pellet stove. It will help you save money and that it is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy, and today is perhaps one of the most common ways to reduce its costs. Add to that the local service and accessibility that you get if you buy from us and the convenient deliveries that Mr pellets offers. The best way to reduce your electricity costs is to simply not use electricity. With today's pellet prices, you get comfortable heat from/for about xx öre/kWh. Unlike a heat pump, which works at its worst when it is most needed, the pellet stove provides the same heat regardless of the outside temperature. The pellet stove is a perfect complement to heat pumps as it is the coldest and the electricity the most expensive.

Now the government proposal is ready and approved by the Riksdag - owners of single-family houses can apply for conversion support for pellet stoves or pellet boilers!

Small house owners who mainly use direct oil or gas for heating can under some
conditions apply for a grant to material costs to convert to a pellet stove or
pellet boiler. The grant, up to SEK 30,000 per house, applies retroactively from 8 November 2022.
The support is valid for three years until the end of December 2025 or as long as the money lasts.
• Only applies to houses for permanent residence (not holiday homes)
• The grant is 50% of approved material costs up to SEK 60,000
• The material cost must be at least SEK 20,000, contributions under SEK 10,000 are not approved
• ROT deduction is not affected by the conversion support, so both can be applied for at the same time
• Grants cannot be applied for spaces that have not been heated before
• Current heating must be direct-acting electricity, electric boiler, gas or air-to-air heat pump
which is at least 10 years old

The pellet stove from Mr Pellets - for a better, warmer indoor environment!

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