Fireplace plan

Fireplace plan.

Fireplaces for burning with solid or liquid fuel must have a fireplace plan. This means that the floor in front of the fireplace must be large enough and of such a material that the floor cannot catch fire.

Building notification

When installing or changing a fireplace/wood burning stove and/or flue, a notification to the municipality is always required. This applies to all types of buildings.

Check with your municipality. In most cases, the following documents may be required!

  • Application for building notification
  • Ev. floor plan - presentation of the location of the fireplace in the building.
  • Ev. facade drawing - presentation of the design of the chimney.
  • Ev. sectional drawing - shows the draft of the flue.
  • Information on the type of stove/fireplace and flue to be installed.
  • Control plan for planned fireplace.

Fireplace plan

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