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Our Company
Mr. Pellets Online more than 24 Years in the pellet business, incidentally, the company is since 1981 (first reg. As a mail order company)(Name changed in 1982, RTH's) A survival of 42 Years :-). Mr Pellets itself is a subsidiary company to RTH's Takvård & Spåntjänst HB with Reg. No. 916417 - 8585. Was I Roine as I am still called and my then ex. Tina, who started Handelsbolaget. But we have had to fight adversity many times. We have the highest credit rating a trading company can get. Pepper take in wood. On 1/1-2016 the company is transferred to Mr Pellets AB. Corporate identity number: 556956-2381.
Contact us!

Phone: 0370 - 487 00. Mobile: 070-570 16 74

E-mail: info@mrpellets.se or roine@mrpellets.se

Visiting address: Kävsjövägen 22 Please call before.

Warehouse both at home about 100 sqm, in the car about 7 sqm and Växjövägen 50 about 350 sqm in Värnamo. As well as our fast suppliers, you must not forget them :-).

Postal address: Kävsjövägen 22, 331 35 VÄRNAMO Phone 0370-48700 or 070-5701674

Information: Out of body, little money in the bank, 4 properties, decent car, but nice wife, 4+1 child who makes one penniless, all girls. Should fix the information here when time is available. Friday night now so, will be a relaxation with a beer in hand instead, so welcome back some other day, and hope I updated everything right then. Have a nice day.

May well say as Martin Luther King said! Quote: I have a dream!

*1 : Is of course still to be the biggest, best (most beautiful) on the internet, with good, fast service via the internet.

* 2: Getting a little more in the bank :-)! There is no desire in money. The desire lies in the way in which they are used. Quote: Mahatma Gandhi

*3: If this now do not go! So may I do this! "If the string does not hold, but breaks, just try another string" Quote: Winnie the Pooh.

PS: Is probably something in the style you have had to do all your life.