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Shop calmly and safely with us via Svea Bank / PayPal & Mr Pellet's account.

You can feel safe when you shop with Svea bank & PayPal. The information you register on your account and all communication between you and Svea bank & PayPal is encrypted. Your payment details are stored on our servers and are never shared with the websites you shop on. Our team of specialists monitor transactions 24/7, so we can identify suspicious transactions before the damage is done. We also offer buyer protection and seller protection so we can help you get your money back if something goes wrong with a purchase or sale, provided a few requirements are met.

  Whether you buy, sell or transfer money, you know you can feel safe with PayPal.

Buyer protection via PayPal!

If you do not receive an item you have purchased or if the item is significantly different from the description, we can help you get your money back. Examples of when you are covered by buyer protection: You do not receive your item; you ordered a DVD player but received a stereo; you have purchased three items, but only receive two; you receive the item, but important parts are missing (and the seller did not inform about this at the time of sale).

  Regardless of where you shop online, you can benefit from PayPal's buyer protection, provided a few conditions are met:

     You have purchased a physical item that can be sent by post/forwarder.
     You have paid the full amount for the item in a single payment using PayPal.
     You have initiated a dispute within 45 days of the purchase date. If you and the seller cannot reach a resolution within 20 days after you have initiated the dispute, you shall have escalated the dispute to a claim.

You are not covered by Buyer Protection if you have purchased goods that violate the PayPal and eBay User Agreements, non-physical goods (such as services or digital goods), real property, businesses, vehicles, custom-made goods, airline and other travel tickets, and goods that equivalent to cash (e.g. gift cards).

This is how it works

     Check that your purchase meets the conditions.
     Log in to your PayPal account and open a dispute in the Problem Management Center within 45 days of purchase.
     Wait for a response from the seller. You have 20 days to agree on a solution.
     If you cannot agree on a solution within 20 days, you must log into your PayPal account and escalate the dispute to a claim. This means that you are asking PayPal to make a decision in the case.

Note! The time limits must be met, otherwise we cannot help you.

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