PellX pellet burner 20 kW Swedish-made pellet burner from Vittsjö.

Note! Burner only.

Available in standard design or with automatic cleaning. PellX 20kW is an efficient and robust pellet burner for residential boilers. The compact design with few moving parts ensures a long service life and minimal maintenance. Forward burning flame makes the burner easy to install in most boilers and also provides the best combustion. PellX 20kW is provided with reliable electric hot air ignition and equipped with safety devices which meets all applicable requirements for fire and electrical safety.

Enhanced features: Completely newly developed control electronics: - Separated from the burner for greater safety. 16-bit RISC processor with greater capacity than before; easier to adjust, greater reliability. Built-in flash memory; retains program settings and security features after power failure Quick fasteners for better accessibility.

Extra 230 V socket for ash screw. Prepared for GSM alarm transmitters. Prepared for external air supply.

PellX (GORDIC) Pelletburner

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