Spare parts pellet stove

Spare parts for various pellet stoves, accessories such as ignition elements, fans, flue parts, circuit boards/control boards, displays and more at good prices and fast deliveries within the country. pellet stove mysinge, solberga, lilla fro, ekerum, neptuni, the asargods range, saga, tor, vidar, freja and more. High quality of spare parts, drum fan, ignition element. Pellet stoves provide a warm and pleasant cozy feeling with a lovely burning flame, a flame to sit and warm yourself next to.
Spare parts pellet stove


  • Fireplace plan

    Fireplace plan.

    Fireplaces for burning with solid or liquid fuel must have a fireplace plan. This means that the floor in front of the fireplace must be large enough and of such a material that the floor cannot catch fire.

    Building notification

    When installing or changing a fireplace/wood burning stove and/or flue, a notification to the municipality is always required. This applies to all types of buildings.

    Check with your municipality. In most cases, the following documents may be required!

    • Application for building notification
    • Ev. floor plan - presentation of the location of the fireplace in the building.
    • Ev. facade drawing - presentation of the design of the chimney.
    • Ev. sectional drawing - shows the draft of the flue.
    • Information on the type of stove/fireplace and flue to be installed.
    • Control plan for planned fireplace.

  • Flues Pellet stoves

    Flue pellet stove

     A flue is a connecting pipe that connects your fireplace to a chimney.

    Flue pipe for pellet stoves, with 80 mm. connection on outgoing flue duct. Of course, they also fit other brands and dimensions, with an extra sleeve for the right size. Well-directed flues facilitate the transport of smoke from your stove. With smoke pipes and transitions, you can easily create a combination that suits your pellet stove.

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