Pellet boilers

We only sell pellet boilers of the highest imaginable quality, which are really adapted for pellet burning, with large space for ash, easy to clean or empty. The efficiency is from approx. 92% and up, against 96%, easy to combine with electric cartridges or shunt controls. Some of our boilers already have integrated electric partrons, and shunt control as well as automatic lever sweeping, flue gas fan and more in them from the start. Full control of annual consumption, alarms both silent or with sound, for various functions.

Pellet boilers


  • Janfire pellet & wood...

    The Janfire pellet boiler works in perfect balance with Janfire pellet burners of both new and previous models. Some of Janfire's boilers can be supplemented with wood additive, which then makes it possible to fire them with wood or other solid fuel.

  • Metro Therm...

    Wood and pellet boilers

    With a modern biofuel boiler from Metro Therm, you have a climate-neutral heating solution, with renewable energy from the forest. Our further developed boilers have a very high efficiency and exceed today's high environmental requirements, which provide a cleaner and more efficient combustion almost completely without smoke or smell. Together with our accumulator tanks, we can offer a complete solution for the entire household's heating and hot water needs.

  • Effecta pellets & wood...

    Effecta Pellet boilers and wood boilers

    The pellet boiler that is complete! The first model of Effecta Kompett was already released in 2008. Effecta Komplett III is the pellet boiler for you who want to be comfortable, reliable and get as much energy as possible from your heating system. Of course, the pellet boiler meets the toughest demands on the environment, quality and has an efficiency of over 91%. The pellet boilers are tested and approved according to EN 303-5 2012 class 5. Effecta Komplett III is on the lists that have the toughest requirements in the world, BAFA (Germany), EPA (USA) and MCS (England). The Effecta Komplett III pellet boiler is available in two sizes, 25 and 35kW, which makes it suitable for most villas and smaller properties.

  • Ariterm Pellet boilers

    We help with spare parts to the extent that we can procure them!

    Ariterm pellet boilers, Biomat 20i pellet boiler Biomatic 40i, Biomat +20,Biomatic +40, Biomatic +50, pellet boiler ariterm biomatic pellet boiler Bionet,

    Is Sweden's best-selling complete pellet boiler Pellet boiler Ariterm Biomatic +20 is an economical, reliable and environmentally friendly combination of central heating boiler and pellet burner, which is intended for heating villas and production of hot water.

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