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  • Janfire

    Janfire pellet burner is the market's oldest pellet burners, and has been on the Swedish market since 1983. The pellet burner Janfire has long proven high reliability and trustworthiness. Janfire has always been at the forefront of product development in their pellet burner. Janfire are pellet burners in various sizes and the most common of them are Janfire Flex-a maximum 23 kW. Today is the burner of 18 kW of output power and is more than enough to replace the heating in smaller apartment buildings. Janfires last pellet burner called NH Mody and stands for No Hands with modulating combustion.

  • KMP PX22/PX52

    Pellet burners PX22 and PX52 is the latest in a line of advanced pellet burner type PellX, pelleX, PX21 and PX22 PX-50, with materials that last. fired pellets. The pellet burner is made of stainless, acid-resistant and high temperature resistant steel. Materials are carefully selected considering long service life and low costs. It has no moving parts. Pelletsrännaren has a high efficiency. With modern digital technology monitoring thermostat in the boiler and the temperature is maintained in the most efficient manner. Safety is the highest of several built-in protection downpipe, overheating protection and flame sensors. The installation cost is very low. The burner is easy to install and fits most boilers through a forward burning structure. Electric ignition is clearly a default. The PX 22 are also available in version Aero with compressed air cleaning for minimum maintenance.

  • Ariterm/Thermia

    Ariterm BeQuem is the market's most secure pellet burners, and certainly the most drifsäkra of them available on the Swedish market. The pellet burner Ariterm available from 20 kW up to 40 kW for those smaller properties. Ariterm 20 kW is the most common pellet burner to ordinary households. Has digital display, with good and simple menus. Easy to change settings in the burner quick and easy, full control of your pellet consumption, exhaust temperature, boiler temperature. etc. Easy to konventera to the pellet boiler Biomatic 20+. pellet burners fit in the market, most pellet boilers.

  • PellX - Gordic
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  • 26 010 kr

    Janfire NH *MODY* The Janfire NH pellets burner has, thanks to our patented new technique, the least maintenance time of any pellets burner on the market. The burner is completely automated and self cleaning. It can run for 6 months without service or control (if fitted to a Janfire Pellets Boiler).

    26 010 kr
  • 18 125 kr

    The burner is the heart of our heating system. Our Flex-a has a sturdier frame construction and internal components than other burners on the market. For many years, this burner has been the best seller. A transport auger supplies the burner with fuel (pellets)directly from the storage container to a small recipient in the burner from where the dosage...

    18 125 kr
  • Pelletsbrännare Ariterm BeQuem 20D, 20 kW Ariterm BeQuem 20D uppfyller högsta krav på en bekväm och effektiv pelletseldning! BeQuem 20D är en av de mest tillförlitliga produkter som marknaden kan erbjuda. En i grunden robust konstruktion där vitala delar utförts i värmetåligt gjutjärn är en garanti fÃ

  • Pellet burners Ariterm BeQuem 20D, 20kW Ariterm BeQuem 20D meets the highest requirements for a comfortable and efficient pellet heating! BeQuem 20D is one of the most reliable products that the market can offer. The design is very robust with vitally important parts made of heat resistant cast iron is a guarantee.

  • 17 900 kr

    Pellet burners PX22 pellet burner KMP from Kalmar, PX22, the latest model. The burner is made of stainless, acid-resistant and high temperature resistant steel. Materials that last. Complete package of fallout hose and Connection piece. Language: German, Swedish, English, French.

    17 900 kr
  • 32 000 kr

    KMP PX52 - Swedish manufactured pellet burner 50-60 kW KMP burner is a Swedish-made pellet burner with its own design and construction. The pellet burner PX52 is designed for larger dwellings , factories or similar . It is CE marked and meets all requirements of the European pelletburner standard

    32 000 kr
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