Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40kW
  • Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40kW
  • Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40kW
  • Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40kW

Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40kW


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The Ariterm BeQuem 40 kW pellet burner, which is part of the Ariterm BeQuem series, is one of the most reliable on the market for residential applications. Fits perfectly in slightly larger buildings. Or the apartment building. Can be supplemented with GSM alarms. External screw will be added.



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Pellet burner Ariterm BeQuem 40D, 40 kW

The Ariterm BeQuem 40D meets the highest requirements for a comfortable and efficient pellet firing!

The pellet burners included in the Ariterm BeQuem series are among the most reliable on the market for residential applications. They are basically robust constructions, where vital parts are designed in heat-resistant cast iron, which guarantees a long service life and minimal maintenance costs. The display gives you information about the operating status, e.g. boiler temperature, flue gas temperature, pellet consumption, current level in the pellet storage, alarm function and more. Control of the accumulator tank is now included in the control.

Pellet burners in the Ariterm BeQuem series can be installed in most wood and oil boilers. However, the most efficient, economical, convenient and environmentally friendly operation is achieved when the burner is integrated into a modern pellet boiler.

The BeQuem 40 pellet burner is an easy-to-use burner. You connect the power to the burner

and set the burner for operation from a menu. The burner checks its status automatically

and, if necessary, make a cold start using the ignition element. If necessary, the burner can be

can also be lit manually (light the pellets and select the On mode of the burner from the menu).

The burner heats the boiler water to the desired temperature using the boiler's temperature sensor

, and then enter maintenance mode. When the boiler water temperature drops by the same amount

hysteresis (temperature difference), the burner performs an ignition using the embers in the

burner head to save energy. Alternatively, the burner can be set so that the ignition is always

is carried out with the help of the ignition element, which means that the burner does not maintain any embers

burner bowl (e.g. when operating with an accumulator tank).

The burner controls the storage auger automatically. When the pellet surface in the upper connection has sunk

Under the level switches that measure the pellet level, the storage auger starts and feeds pellets to the

Burning. The burner head is supplied with a precise mixture of pellets and air that achieves a complete combustion, cost-effectively and environmentally friendly.


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