About Us

Our Company Mr.Pellet Online more than 12 years in the pellet industry, the way is now since 1981 (first reg., As a mail order company) (name changed in 1982, RTH's Spåntjänst & Takvård HB) A survival at 31 years :-).

The Mr. Pellet is a subsidiary/affiliated company of RTH's Spåntjänst & Takvård HB with Reg. No/VAT SE 916417-8585. Where I Roine I still called, and my then-ex. Tina started Trading Company. The reason we chose the HB is that We are personally liability with our suppliers so that they can feel more secure, countered an AB which is easier to fall in adversity. But we have had to fight in adversity many times. We have the highest rating a Trading Companies can get. Pepper knock on wood.

Contact Us!

Phone: +46 (0)370 - 487 00 Mobile: +46 70-570 16 74 E-mail: mr.pellets@telia.com or info@mrpellets.se Address: Kävsjövägen 22 Please call before. Bearing both at home, in the car and Växjövägen 50 in Värnamo. As well as fast suppliers, they get not forget :-).

Address: Mr Pellets, Kävsjövägen 22, 331 35 VÄRNAMO SWEDEN

Information: Out of the body, a little money in the bank, 4 properties, decent car, but stylish wife, 4 +1 child makes a penniless, all girls. Should fix the information here when time permits. Friday night now so, becomes a relaxing with a beer in his hand instead, then welcome back someone else's day, and I hope to update it all right then. Have a nice day.

Targets: May as well say that Martin Luther King said! Quote: I have a dream!* 1: Is the course still to become the biggest, best (most) on the internet, with good, fast service via the internet.

2: To get a little more in the bank :-)! There is no malice in cash. Desire lies in the manner in which they are used. Quote: Mahatma Gandhi*

3: If this does not go now! So I get to do this! "If the cord does not hold, but goes by, you just have to try another cord" Quote: Winnie the Pooh.

PS: It's probably something like that you got to do all their lives.Thanks! Wonder what to write on a Saturday night, and only after some little beer :-) hehehe