Felsökning flamvakt PX-brännare
  • Felsökning flamvakt PX-brännare

Felsökning flamvakt PX-brännare


Applies to PX pellet burners in this case. Check for a defective or functioning flame guard, even then if you have mounted it correctly or see if perhaps the burner tube has changed, due to for example. heat. PS: Only here on the page, can't be downloaded :-)


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Do this: If you are unsure, do nothing = Voltmeter with DC voltage. Take off the cover on the burner, switch on the power again, no pill now where the strong current is, that is 230 volt alternating current, then you get a kiss. request a startup. Measure the voltage on e.g. on the PX21 it sits on terminal block no: 17 & 18. The 5 volts is located at position 18 (red cable if you have the newer flame detectors.) the meter shows 5 volts = this means no flame detected. (if you don't have 5 volts at all, then maybe your circuit board is broken) otherwise that's how it should be, before it lights up. when it has lit up, the voltage drops down to about 3.5 volts, and if the flame guard detects really good values, you end up at around, down to 2.0 volts. You can also lift the flame guard out of its place and illuminate it to see if it reacts. I take no responsibility whatsoever if you screw up when you follow this. But happy to sell you a New flame guard. MVH//MrPellets

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