METRO Sånett 55 E, type 655
  • METRO Sånett 55 E, type 655

METRO Sånett 55 E, type 655


Designed to be installed under a sink cabinet, while covering the hot water needs of 1-2 people in the holiday home.


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Product description:

This water heater covers the daily hot water needs of two to three people in a summer cottage, holiday home or for year-round residences with slightly less hot water needs. The appliance is designed to fit into a sink cabinet, perfect for slightly tighter spaces. The volume in METRO Så'nett 55 E is enough for 1-2 three-minute showers, and with an efficient electric cartridge, the heater recovers quickly.
The boiler can be installed standing on the floor in a cabinet or on a bench. The boiler's water reservoir is protected by glass-enamelled steel, which provides durable and long-lasting protection against corrosion, and with indirect heating, METRO Så'nett 55 E is less sensitive to limescale formation in hard water. This means that the model is particularly well suited to, for example, Öland, Gotland, Österlen, Uppsala, Norrtälje and in households with their own well where the water is often lime-rich and can have a high chloride content

Technical description:

This is a reliable and powerful small heater for the smaller hot water needs with compact dimensions for floor-standing installation in a cupboard or on a bench. The water heater is delivered with a complete fitting set with safety valve, mixing valve and shut-off valve. The 3 kW electric cartridge is mounted in a diving tube, which makes the boiler less sensitive to limescale formation. The connection cable of 1.5 meters is prepared without a plug for fixed electrical installation against 2-phase, which gives maximum effect. The boiler can also be connected with 1-phase and a plug but then gets an output of 1 kW.
The enamelled pressure vessel steel is extra resistant to corrosion and is particularly suitable for water with high hardness and chloride content. The chloride content of the water should not exceed 250 mg Cl/l and the pH value should be between 6 and 9 to give the enamelled corrosion protection the best conditions for long-term protection.
For water types with a high pH value, we instead recommend stainless water heaters from Metro Therm or Focus.

Volume/V40* (litres) 53 / 79
Corrosion protection Enamelled steel
Type Water heater
Thermostat Traditional
Pipe connection Up
Type name Type 655
HxWxD (mm) 460 x 460 x 560
Weight (kg) 42
Luminaire Ø / CC (mm) Ø15 / 75 mm
Power 230v (kW) 1 kW
Power 400v (kW) 3 kW
Electrical connection Yes
Heating time to 50° at 400 V (approx. min) 51
Number of showers 2 pcs 3 min
Protection class IP24
Energy class C
Rated pressure (bar) 10
Max safety pressure 13.5

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