Focus Vlm-100S
  • Focus Vlm-100S

Focus Vlm-100S


Compact boiler in a popular format with a volume that meets the hot water needs of the smaller family.
Focus is known for its reliability which provides worry-free hot water comfort for a long time to come and with this boiler there is hot water for the whole family. With a washing bench in mind, this preparation was chosen as the format means that it can be elegantly placed, for example, next to a washing machine under the worktop. Focus VLM 100S meets the year-round domestic hot water needs of a small to medium-sized household. With a volume of around 100 litres, the water heater is enough for 3-4 three-minute showers, while the efficient electric cartridge means that the water heater recovers quickly.


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Focus VLM consists of a wide range of 60x60 modular units in different heights and volumes to accommodate and fit into all kinds of homes.

Reliable and easy-to-install floor model in 60x60 module format with white lacquered design. The water heater is delivered with a complete fitting set. The 3 kW electric cartridge with direct heating is standard and can be connected with either 1-phase, 2-phase or 3-phase. The model can also be upgraded to 6 kW if there are special needs for extra fast heating. The container consists of stainless steel, which provides corrosion protection that is particularly well suited to low pH values (acidic), carbonated water or water where the chloride content is not so high.

* Amount of 40 °C hot water.

Volume/V40* (litres) 90 / 155
Corrosion protection Stainless steel
Type Water heater
Thermostat Traditional
Pipe connection Down
HxWxD (mm) 845 x 595 x 595
Weight (kg) 50
Luminaire Ø / CC (mm) Ø22 / 100 mm
Power 230v (kW) 2 kW
Power 400v (kW) 3 kW
Electrical connection Yes
Heating time to 50° at 400 V (approx. min) 99
Number of showers 4 pieces 3 min
Protection class IPX4
Energy class C
Rated pressure (bar) 10
Max safety pressure 13

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