PTC ceramic Element 2-pack.
  • PTC ceramic Element 2-pack.
  • PTC ceramic Element 2-pack.
  • PTC ceramic Element 2-pack.

PTC ceramic Element 2-pack.


Ceramic PTC igniter fits e.g. to PellX/PX20/PX21/PX22/PX50/PX52. Also in pellet stoves from KMP now renamed to Ariterm Lilla frö e.g. Ariterm Mysinge and more, or etc.


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PTC elements are suitable for e.g. to PellX/PX20/PX21/PX22/PX50/PX52. Also suitable for pellet stoves from KMP, K6 stoves now renamed to Ariterm Lilla frö e.g. Ariterm Mysinge, Ekerum, Neptuni and more, or etc. Really low energy consumption and long service life.

PTC Ceramic Elements: Thismaterial is named for its positive coefficient of heat resistance (i.e. the resistance increases when heated). Most ceramic materials have a negative coefficient, while most metals have positive values. Although metals need to become slightly more resistant at higher temperatures, this class of ceramics (often barium titanate and lead titanate composites have) a very non-linear thermal response, so that it becomes extremely resistive above a composition dependent threshold temperature. This allows the material to function as its own thermostat , because current passes when it's cold, and not when it's hot. Thin films of this material are used in car-rear-window defrost heaters, and honeycomb shaped elements are used in more expensive hair dryers and space heaters. for instance.


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