Focus Hd-500
  • Focus Hd-500

Focus Hd-500


The advantages of a hydrophore - compared to a hydropress or pressure vessel are many. A hydrophore from Metro Therm has a longer life, smoother operation, lighter material and is also significantly more hygienic as the risk of deposits is minimized. But above all, compared to a hydropress, there is no risk of rubber blisters bursting. The FOCUS HD-300 pressure tank has a volume of 500 liters and is, in its uncomplicated design, manufactured to last for a very long time to come.
As an option, there is a complete water level stand with manometer that provides a precise control of level measurement as well as an air valve and drain valve.


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FOCUS Hydrophores are made of stainless steel SS2326, the same steel quality as in the well-proven vessels in FOCUS water heaters. In other words, a well-known and proven material that has existed and worked on the market for many years.
The hydrophore's welds are etched for a longer life, while there is a manhole in the bottom of the pressure tank to facilitate cleaning of the vessel.
Volume (litres) 500
Height (mm) 1720
Diameter 650
Weight (kg) 74

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